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Otostick Baby

From 3 months of age.

Otostick Baby is a corrector for protruding ears made from silicon and medical adhesives. It adheres to the ear and the contiguous part of the head, providing optimum positioning of the ear and, specifically, the cartilage so both develop properly.

From corrector size to its hardness, the features of Otostick Baby adapt perfectly to the baby’s ear (starting from 3 months).

Use of Otostick is recommended from the age of 3, but there are users who prefer Otostick Baby given the characteristics of their own ears.

Otostick Baby is an easy-to-use, discrete and odourless product. It can be used continuously following the guidelines given in the manual.
It is very important to follow the product placement indications to ensure it is effective.
Otostick Baby can be used from the age of three months.
the pack comes with 8 correctors and a reusable elasticated cap.

Corrective efficiency of Otostick Baby:

For babies and children from the age of 3 months up to 6 years old, we have shown the corrective efficiency of the product through a 12-month long study undertaken in collaboration with the Spanish Paediatrics Association.

Cartilage is at its most pliable during the stage when the ear is growing and developing, meaning this is the best time to correct it. As a product, this is exactly what Otostick Baby is designed to do.
Otostick Baby is suitable for use with delicate skin (e.g. with babies).

This product is a useful preventative in the early months of the baby’s life when there is a lack of strength in the baby’s neck and the head is dragged about. The ear is often folded over forwards, which can eventually lead to protrusion by dint of repetition of the action. In this case, using Otostick Baby prevents the cartilage from bending.

Otostick Cap

Otostick Cap comes as a complement with Otostick Baby. Made from an elasticated fabric that adapts to the baby’s head, it works as a preventative measure. It prevents the baby touching the corrector.
The material used to make our cap is compatible with delicate skin like that of a baby.

Otostick Cap is indicated for babies and children under the age or 3, particularly while sleeping or when unsupervised by an adult.
Otostick Cap is made from sanitary elastic mesh (50% cotton, 45% Latex, 5 % polyamide).

It is reusable and can be washed (see instructions in the user manual).

Characteristics of the Otostick Baby


A study carried out on the permanent correction of Otostick Baby showed an effectiveness rate of more than 90%. Study "Corrective effectiveness of the Otostick prosthesis on protruding ears" conducted by Gómez Málaga CM. (Official Publication of the Spanish Pediatrics Association for Primary Care in 2016).


The product is useful as a preventive method during the first few months of a baby’s life when, due to having a weak neck, they drag their head, causing the ears to fold forward.


The protective cap prevents the baby from accessing the corrective devices without constant supervision by an adult or when sleeping, and if their neck is still not strong enough, to prevent dragging the head when moving and tearing or partially removing the corrective device.


Otostick is flexible and resistant to sweat and water. For optimal durability and resistance, it is important to follow the steps to correctly put the device on. It is recommended to wait 4 hours after application before getting the corrective devices wet or exposing them to high temperatures that would lead to excessive sweating.

How to place Otostick Baby?

We show you how to place Otostick Baby easily.

Remember to follow these instructions step by step to use Otostick Baby correctly…

Placement Steps

Step 1

Clean the area carefully with an astringent (100% oil free), eliminating any dirt or moisture.

Step 2

Determine the exact point before removing the protective paper, taking into account the shape and folds of the ear. Depending on the shape of each ear, the corrective device must be positioned at the proper level in order to boost the permanent corrective effect by correctively positioning the cartilage.

Step 3

Remove the protective paper from the adhesive on the part stuck to the ear, be careful not to touch the adhesive with your fingers.

Step 4

Once stuck to the ear, remove the protective paper from the head portion and attach the corrective device to it, making sure that there is no hair underneath it.

Finally, gently apply pressure to the corrective device, folding the cartilage as necessary and making sure that all the edges are correctly attached.

How long should Otostick last

On average, Otostick lasts from 3 to 7 days, depending on the characteristics of your skin type.

In some cases Otostick may require a short adaptation period. This may be for two different reasons:

The characteristics of the cartilage, in particular its firmness, may require a short period to adapt to a new position.

For new users, it can take a little time to find the best position to apply Otostick.

With Otostick Baby, there are certain periods when babies present with alterations to the natural state of their skin (e.g. in the pH or lowered defences arising from temporary situations) which may temporarily reduce the time the corrector stays attached to the skin.


-It is recommended to apply it while the baby is asleep, to prevent any movement from bending the corrective device before you put it on. - We recommend using the Otostick cap for babies younger than 3 years of age, due to the small size of the Otostick Baby when the child is not under constant supervision of an adult or when sleeping, if their neck is still not strong enough, to prevent dragging the head when moving and tearing or partially removing the corrective device. - During the next 4 hours after putting it on, it is recommended not to get the corrective device wet and to keep the baby cool to prevent excessive sweating. During these 4 hours, the adhesive will acquire maximum resistance, necessary for its compatibility with water and sweat in the following hours and days of use.


-To remove the corrective device, first lift the edge and use a cotton swab soaked in body oil, applying it gently around the edge and leaving it on for a minute. Once the oil between the skin and the corrective device, gently insert the cotton swab and it will come off simply and easily. -Once the corrective device has been removed, remember to moisturize the area and let it rest for 12-24 hours before applying another corrective device, once again making sure not to leave behind any grease generated during the resting period.


- Even though the adult or child is over 3 years of age, if the ear characteristics are better suited to the Otostick Baby corrective device, you can still use it regardless of being over 3 years of age. - The permanent corrective effect of Otostick Baby obtained through the constant and continuous use has been obtained in babies and children between 3 months and 6 years of age. - The most commonly used astringent product by our users is 70º alcohol. Once you have properly cleaned the skin, wait until the skin is totally dry before applying the corrective device. Once applied, any remaining moisture will reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of the adhesives. - Depending on the shape of each ear, the Otostick Baby must be positioned at the proper level in order to boost the permanent corrective effect by correctively positioning the cartilage. -They can be used temporarily and on a continuous basis.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
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