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Corrector for Protruding Ears.

The simplest solution for prominent ears. Easy to use and discreet. Get an instant effect without the need for surgery!

What is Otostick?

que es otostick

Otostick is the simplest solution to ensure excessively protruding ears are no longer a problem.

Otostick ensures your ears are held back for an all-natural effect.

Clinically proven. Studies reveal the permanent corrective effect of Otostick Baby in babies and children from 6 months to 6 years old, giving a long-term reduction in prominence in over 90% of cases.

Otostick and Otostick Baby are discrete, long-lasting and can be used continuously or just for specific occasions.

Unisex product

With or Without Otostick,
it’s your choice !

The simplest solution is Otostick.

You will feel its immediate effect.

You will be in focus, not your ears.

Insivible and without side effects.

Put them in place and Hey Presto!

sin otostick
con otostick

How to position Otostick:

Otostick and Otostick Baby are easy to apply.

Remember to follow each step of these instructions carefully for the best results.

Trust Otostick, others already have!

Your opinion is very important to us. Help us to keep improving!
No Insecurities

For me, one of the best inventions. When I wear them, I feel free. I can swim at the beach or at the pool without always having to cover my ears. I can wear my hair up! I'm delighted.

I can't live without them

I've been using them since they came out. Saved me from a major complex. I can’t live without them, I am obsessed. Before Otostick I never wore a ponytail, or swam in a pool, on windy days it was a real ordeal. I recommend them 100%.

They do their job and are not visible

Perfect. They stay in place well, they do not come off at any time and are practically invisible. The only small drawback is that you have to be very careful when applying them so as not to make a mistake and spoil them, because once they are stuck you have to remove them from the ears with a cotton swab and a lot of body cream.

A solution for those who need it

Yes, it does exactly what it says, I should say that I have bought the same brand in several places, and some stick more than others. Overall, yes it’s a good product, but in my opinion a little expensive.

Remove Insecurities

Highly recommended, they have a pretty natural effect and are phenomenal for all occasions, a bit expensive if you use them every day, but there are discounts if you buy more than one pack.


They’re very discreet, you can't tell you’re wearing them. You can get them wet no problem. You can wear your hair up without them being seen. I recommend them 100%. Very comfortable and looks great. You can use them more than 3 months if you don't touch them much and apply them well. I'm delighted!!!

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